Keep in Mind:

  1. When you book an online appointment via iLawyer platform, all consultation are performed via Zoom Video Conference
  2. For the best quality of video and audio connection, we recommend you join your appointment from your PC/Mac
  3. You are not required to install any thing  on your device if you join your appointment on your PC/Mac
  4. If you already have Zoom installed on your device, you can choose to join your appointment using the following methods:
  5. Using and installing Zoom on your devices is your choice, read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions before you go ahead

See how it work

It's very simple to book an appointment with your lawyer. Watch this video

Join Appointment on PC/Mac

System requirements:

  • Using default web browser on your PC/Mac such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari

After you have successfully booked your appointment via iLawyer, you will receive confirmation email which includes detail information relating to your appointment. Check the date and time of your appointment.  

To join your appointment, open the confirmation email and click on Start Meeting Here button

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Figure 1
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Figure 2

Wait for your default web browser is automatically opened, click on the red link URL as shown in the image 

Here you will see your Zoom Instant Meeting url, Meeting ID and Password

Click on Join Meeting link to join your appointment via Zoom

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Figure 3
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Figure 4

Using web browser:

  • If you want to join your appointment using your web browser, click on join from your browser and directly to Zoom window, make sure you turn on video and audio when asked for

Using Zoom desktop client:

  • If you already installed Zoom on your PC/Mac, click on Open zoom.us button, or launch meeting link to open your Zoom application and enjoy your meeting

Using Meeting ID and Password:

  • You can use Meeting ID and Password as shown in Figure 3 image to join directly your appointment on Zoom website, or on your Zoom desktop client (click on Join button) , then enter Meeting ID and Password to directly go to your appointment 

Join on iPhone/iPad/Android

System requirements:

  • iPad/iPhone: iOS 11 or higher for full functionality
  • Android phone: Android 5 or higher
  • Download and install appropriate Zoom app on your device as shown in Figure 5 

In your confirmation email, click on Start Meeting Here as shown in Figure 1 image above and follow the previous steps as shown in Figure 2 to 3 image above

  • Click on the Join Meeting link as in Figure 3 image
  • Allow your device open with Zoom app
  • Enable camera and video on your Zoom app
  • Enjoy your appointment
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Figure 5
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