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Business & Investment migration allows you to own and manage a business, or invest in Australia. You can also include your family members such as your spouse, or children into your application and enjoy the free benefit of Australian welfares such as education and medicare…This migration option has both temporary and permanent resident visas.
Explore the student visa options for students who want to study in Australia and some visas also allow students to include their parents to go to Australia to take care and support them
You can visit Australia for many legal activities. It may be for a holiday, visiting friends or family, attending an event, conference, or work holiday, or for business activities, or for your medical treatment.
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Self-Book Appointment

Self-book your appointment with a lawyer and transform in-person appointments to remote video or phone call appointments.

Confirmation & Remider

Confirmations, reminders & follow-ups—via email or text message. View your meetings and reschedule with a click.

Online Payment

Accept payment with Visa, Master, Credit, or Debit card via Stripe, or PayPal with the click of a button. Encrypted and secure.

Join Video Appointment

Join video appointments with your lawyers by click on personal url that is integrated with Zoom or Join.me.

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Audio Phone Call

You can join the meeting via phone call is optional with the local numbers in Australia. and 50+ countries, whether by phone or internet calling (VoIP).

Invite People

You can easily invite people, uo to 5 people, who relate to your legal issues to join the meeting with lawyer with you, simply just send them meeting url.

Files and Documents

Easy to get in touch by sharing and collaborating your documents. For example, making your Wills, review commercial agreements, legal documents, paper works.

Saving Cost & Time

You can now enjoy your life by saving a lot of costs and times. Knowing exactly your rights and obligations relating to any legal issues from your home.

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Consultation Charges

The below charges are applied for just consultation and within the duration as indicated. The completed works and legal costs will be vary depending on each contracts. See the above charges for more detail.

Consultation Description
(Saving 25%)
In Person
Estate Planning - 30 minutes
  • Wills, PoA, or ADs
Business Registration - 30 minutes
Transfer of Business - 1 hour
Commercial Consultation - 1 hour
Probates - 1 hour
Civil Litigation - 1 hour
Family matters - 1 hour
  • Divorce or separation
  • Children matters
  • Property matters
Criminal Law -1 hour
Business & Investment visas- 1 hour
Business & Investment Document Assessment
Skilled & Working Visas - 1 hour
Skilled & Working document Assessment
Employment Sponsor Assessment
Family & Partner Visas - 1 hour
Student Visas - 1 hour
Visiting Visas - 1 hour

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